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Air compressorsAvelair Air Compressors

We provide a wide choice of air compressors from Avelair to meet the widest range of needs.

Avelair Compressed Air Dryers

Available in a very wide range of sizes, these dryers are high quality self-contained units.

Avelair: “Why choose us”

The Avelair range of rotary screw air compressors are made here in the UK. They have been specifically designed to offer the customer trouble-free ownership.

The components used within the compressor are widely available and are recognised for their quality and reliability. We use components made by European manufacturers recognised world-wide for their quality products.

All our compressors are built to operate within the safety margins of the drive motor; we do not overload the motor in an effort to achieve slightly higher compressed air output.

The electrical and oil/air circuits are simple yet safe. All the electrics are hard wired, we use no expensive electronic gadgetry. The oil and air circuits are fabricated in solid, plated pipe, ensuring a clean and leak free internal environment. The potential for messy and expensive down time is cut to a minimum, replacement PCBs and hoses are not required.

Both the electrical cabinet and the motor are protected to IP55 specification ensuring long life and security from dust and water contamination.

The Avelair compressor is backed by a standard one-year warranty, in addition the air end is covered for two years with no limit to the amount of hours run.

All servicing can be carried out from the front of the machine, enabling it to be installed against a wall. Maintenance is quick and simple; spin on - spin off oil filters and separators and easy access oil drain points afford a minimum of down time for service.

We fit all models with an integral air and oil cooler and most are supplied with a water separator. As a result the hot, wet compressed air that is generated within the compressor is cooled and most of the water removed, leaving only cool, high quality compressed air discharged from the compressor.

There are more advantages to owning an Avelair compressor…. if you would like further details or if you have a special application, please contact us for further information.